3 More Emails We’re Into

As email people, we get pretty excited about messages that just hit every right note. So we wanted to share with you more of our favorite emails that have graced our inboxes recently. Enjoy!

3. Hey, Seattle! Use This 20% Off Coupon At The Ballard Petco Store Before We Renovate!

From Mike Bollen, Customer Success Manager

Sender: Petco

“This is a good example of personalization that I hadn’t seen from Petco emails before and it grabbed my attention.

I looked at this one right away. it’s simple but this one called out Seattle, gave me a 20% off entire in-store purchase, let me know this location is getting ‘a new Petco experience,’ and clearly trying to drive traffic to specific locations.”



2. Chris Young Exclusive Presale Starts Now

From Molly Fitch, Customer Success Manager

Sender: Spotify

“Below is a cool email I received from Spotify letting me purchase pre-sale tickets for Chris Young’s upcoming tour because I listen to him a lot on Spotify. I thought it was a great example of thanking engaged subscribers.”


1. From Our Kitchen To Yours

From Matthew Ramos, Director of Customer Success

Sender: Bellagio Las Vegas

“I like this email. It’s a great way for restaurants to engage with their customers after they make an online reservation.”



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