3 Emails We’re Digging

We’re email people and, as such, we love to talk about email with each other. But we’re people pleasers also, which is why we’re going to share some of our personal favorite emails we’ve received recently.

These three emails received high marks from the WhatCounts squad:


3.  ♬ So Tired, Tired Of Waiting… ♬

From Matthew Ramos, Director of Customer Success.

Sender: Return Path

“Love this reengagement email. I love the tie in to Spotify as well.”


2. You Just Got Skimm’d

From Katie Thomas, Director of Customer Success

Sender: The Skimm

“Taking advantage of the ability to have a personality with their welcome email.”


1. [Infographic] Every Betrayal In Game Of Thrones

From Daniel Caplin, CMO

Sender: Venngage

“Note the sent from name: Tyrion Lannister. And the animated GIF is nice too.”


(Note: In the interest of not spoiling Game Of Thrones for anyone, the animated GIF is being omitted.)


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