Strategic Services

Email Marketing Strategy to Keep you Ahead of the Game ​

Our strategy team acts as consultants to help pinpoint problems and areas for optimization and creates a plan to make sure your marketing stays on track. Whether you’re looking for a specific solution or just want an expert to help you frame your marketing strategy for the year, we’ve got you covered. Whether short-term planning, more lengthy campaigns, or on retainer our team has years of experience and you’ll see bottom-line improvements to your marketing program.

Here’s a Taste of How We Can Help:

Competitive Analysis

Be In the Know

Gain insight into what your competitors are doing and how you compare. We’ll provide you with the analysis and a set of strategies to stay competitive.

Template Design Audit

Hit the Mark Every Time

Our WhatCounts Email Marketing Strategy team will do a deep dive on your current email templates. Using best practices, they will recommend ways to improve your templates to increase engagement.

Marketing Automation Consultation​

End-to-End Lifecycle Marketing

Work with our team of email marketing strategists to create a seamless marketing automation plan. Our team will look at your current marketing automation setup and come up with recommendations on how to improve, gaps, low-hanging fruit, and more.

Reporting Optimization and Analytics

Understand Your Metrics

Our team will work with you to understand your business goals and come up with the best way to measure impact, giving you everything you need to truly understand your marketing impact. From custom reporting to key analytics – we’re here to help you put your best foot forward.

Email Lifecycle Gap Analysis​

Identify Areas for Improvement

Our team will do a thorough analysis of your current email lifecycle program to pinpoint gaps, as well as give you recommendations on how to increase engagement.

Email Program Architecture

Build a Successful Email Program

Work with our team to create an email marketing strategy to hit all of your business needs. We’ll walk through best practices, key campaigns, and ways to increase email engagement, and make the necessary recommendations, as well as build out a unique plan for you.

Best Practices Consultation

Refresh Your Email Program

Sometimes you just need a refresher. Our team will take a look at your existing campaigns, understand your current marketing and business model, and make recommendations on best practices that can be implemented to increase engagement and efficiency.

Holiday Planning

Sub Message Blurb

You can never be too prepared for the holidays. Our team will put together a plan for your holiday campaigns based on your unique goals and business objectives. If you need help with execution – we can help you there too.

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