Industry Specific Solutions

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eCommerce & Retail

Personalization is key for staying top of mind in the retail industry. Create targeted, cross-channel campaigns to reach customers and subscribers at every stage of the buying cycle.

We pull 3+ years of your eCommerce and in-store data which you can access and use, along with predictive data sets to power campaigns across, email, social, GoogleAds, and SMS.

Acquire Subscribers
  • Opt-in forms and popups
  • Social and mobile signup
  • Referral campaigns
Convert Customers
  • Cart abandonment
  • Browse abandonment
  • Welcome campaigns
Repeat Buyers
  • Product recommendations
  • Transactional messaging
  • Up-sell and cross-sell campaigns
Loyal & Raving Fans
  • Exclusive product offerings
  • Replenishment campaigns
  • Birthday and anniversary messages
Reactivate the Disengaged
  • Custom preference sites
  • Re-engagement campaigns
  • Direct mail alerts

Media & Publishing

Print and online publishers are in a unique position needing to acquire and keep the attention of an audience that can be prone to distractions. 

WhatCounts’ email marketing platform allows Media & Publishing marketers to grow their audience, increase engagement, conserve marketing resources, and drive more revenue in a single platform.

Audience Growth
  • Opt-in forms and popups
  • Social and mobile signup
  • Subscription centers
Increased Engagement
  • Content personalization
  • Frequency optimization
  • Multivariate testing
Improved Efficiency
  • Content automation
  • Workflow approval
  • Drag-and-drop template creation
Data-Driven Revenue
  • Data appends and segmentation
  • Subscription renewal campaigns
  • User profiles
Unified Audience Database
  • CMS and web analytics integration
  • Relational database
  • Real-time and batch API

Travel & Hospitality

Between direct competitors and large travel sites, like Expedia, Kayak, and Orbitz, it can be difficult for travel and hospitality organizations to feel like they’re in charge of their own destiny.

WhatCounts’ email marketing platform for travel and hospitality gives marketers the chance to take back their data, boost revenue, and provide a unique travel experience for their customers.
Customer Acquisition
  • Opt-in forms and popups
  • Social and mobile signup
  • Preference sites
Convert Customers
  • Travel inspiration
  • Holiday campaigns
  • Browse abandonment
Repeat Bookings
  • Personalized travel content
  • Geo and weather-based offers
  • Price drop and vacancy alerts
Loyalty & Raving Fans
  • Post-trip review and ratings
  • In-trip surprise and delight
  • Exclusive and first look messaging
Reactivate & Win Back
  • Lapsed and no purchase reminders
  • Direct mail alerts
  • Win-back campaigns


Banks and financial institutions must differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market by creating and communicating value to their customers and subscribers.

Acquire new customers with unique opt-in experiences and preference centers; grow brand affinity and increase customer lifetime value through targeted, relevant messaging to your customers.

Grow Brand Affinity
  • Opt-in forms and popups
  • Social and mobile signup
  • Referral campaigns
Improve NPS Scores
  • Customer milestone triggers
  • Marketing automation
  • Community newsletters
Increased Customer Wallet
  • Onboarding campaigns
  • Up-sell loan programs
  • Mobile banking promotion
Higher efficiency
  • Automated A/B testing
  • Exportable real-time reporting
  • Workflow approval

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