3 last-minute Valentine’s Day campaigns

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on! Now’s the time to capitalize on those last-minute shoppers. Trust us, it’s not too late to start. In 2015, over half of the revenue generated from Valentine’s Day campaigns was received in the week of the holiday itself [1].We’ve compiled some campaign ideas to help you capture those procrastinators and bring in some additional revenue for the holiday.


1. Valentine’s Day – It’s not just for couples

February 14th is all about celebrating the ones you love. That includes mom, BFF’s, your four-legged friends, and yourself! Remind your customers to treat everyone that gives them the warm and fuzzies.

Here’s some examples:

  • February 13th is recognized as Galentine’s Day, which celebrates women’s friendships. Send your female customers products that they can gift their whole squad with.

Galentine's Day


  • Fur-babies get just as much love (if not more) on Valentine’s Day. If you sell pet products, don’t forget to send them some V Day love too!

Pets Valentine's Day


  • Remind customers to treat themselves! Fitbit reminds us that sending yourself some love can be just as important, and what better way than by taking care of your health?

Valentine's Day email campaign



2. Play Favorites: Send your best customers some extra love

Many Valentine’s shoppers are prepared to spend big. The average person celebrating Valentine’s Day will spend $142.31 [2]. Look at last year’s Valentine’s Day shoppers and see who went big and spent a lot with you. Send those customers a special offer to show your appreciation and get some extra brownie points.

(Think: “20% off orders of $100 or more” or “Buy a dozen roses for your sweetheart and we’ll send a dozen to mom”)

Valentine's Day - Best Customer Valentine's Day - special offer


3. Tried and True: Gift Cards

No shipping required, gift cards are a great way to give those down-to-the-wire shoppers an instant solution.

In this Victoria’s Secret example, they also highlight the various shipping options that will get the purchase in their customer’s hands on time. Another great idea to give those procrastinators a last-minute push.


Valentine's Day - email promotions



Bonus tip: Don’t forget about the guys! Switch up your subject lines and messages to include “him” instead of “her” to increase your opens and draw in a new crowd of shoppers.


For more Valentine’s Day examples and the suggested holiday email cadence, download our eBook on Breaking the Bad Retail Habits This New Year or visit our Valentine’s Day resource page.


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