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Let WhatCounts Handle All Your Email Marketing Automation Needs


Email marketing automation not only allows you to appear timely to your subscribers while sending them personalized messages, it also takes a lot off your plate and saves you the time of having to build and send individual emails.

But what takes a lot more off of your plate is just letting us do all your marketing automation for you. Here’s a quick look at what we offer:

Get Your Summer 2016 Email Marketing In Gear


Summer officially begins June 20th, which is why this post is being written while running on a treadmill.

But getting summer ready isn’t only body related, it’s email related too. We can’t stress enough how being timely and topical will set you apart from other email marketers. If you haven’t begun to think about your summer email campaigns then allow us to throw some ideas your way because it’ll help keep us from eating the ice cream in the freezer.

3 More Emails We’re Into


As email people, we get pretty excited about messages that just hit every right note. So we wanted to share with you more of our favorite emails that have graced our inboxes recently. Enjoy!

3. Hey, Seattle! Use This 20% Off Coupon At The Ballard Petco Store Before We Renovate!

From Mike Bollen, Customer Success Manager

Sender: Petco

“This is a good example of personalization that I hadn’t seen from Petco emails before and it grabbed my attention.