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5 Important Email Types That Should Be In Your Marketing Arsenal

Email marketing can become stagnant quickly if you aren’t using all the tools at your disposal. Below you’ll find snippets from our absolutely free eBook on kickstarting  your email marketing program, which also answers some common questions you might have.   This snippet will cover important email types that you should be utilizing often to [...]

3 Tips For Streamlining Your Email Habits

Katie Thomas is our awesome Director of Strategic Account Services out of the Baltimore office. She was generous enough to give us valuable insight on a problem she runs into constantly: The unfortunate batch and blast. Read on to see how you can avoid doing this, and give your email program the love it deserves. I’ve been [...]

Feature Spotlight: Custom Email UTM Analytics Tags

New in Professional Edition Version 10.12, start using custom analytics tagging. Before now, you couldn’t control how your campaigns were automatically labeled for reporting in Google Analytics or Omniture. What’s new is the ability to set the utm_source and utm_medium in the realm settings. Custom Analytics In realm settings scroll down to the analytics section. [...]

Feature Spotlight: Custom Labels in Professional Edition

Feature Spotlight Custom Email Campaign Labels
Version 10.12 comes packed with brandspankin’ new goodies for your email marketing pleasure. For this spotlight we’re highlighting custom campaign labels. Start labeling your campaigns right away. This has been one of the major features that customers have been wanting and you can now take advantage of it! Custom Campaign Labels One includes the new custom labeling [...]