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Our technology

Intuitive, easy to use, and built with email marketers in mind. Explore all our platform features and tools.

Drag-And-Drop Form Builder

Organically grow your subscriber list with our easy-to-use form builder — featuring drag-and-drop editing, powerful CTAs, progressive preference sites, and list-growth analytics.

Flexible Database Configuration

Store your data your way. Our platform allows for unlimited data storage, an open API for real-time integrations, powerful automation, and highly customizable reports. Choose between relational, flat, or join databases, and maximize event tracking for a 360° view of your subscribers' behavior.


Target the right customer at the right time, every time — our advanced segmentation capabilities allow for hyperpersonalized email marketing. Easily create segments based on any customer data, from email engagement metrics to customer lifetime value. And once you create a segmentation rule, you can use it across any list for even faster campaign management.

Marketing Automation

Quickly create and deploy complex, hyperpersonalized, automated lifecycle campaigns based on data, time, or behavioral triggers. Our platform features pre-built automations for out-of-the-box deployment — or, you can tailor your email marketing automation with our simple drag-and-drop workflow builder.

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Our agency

Let us be a part of your team. Explore Our Email Agency Services


The WhatCounts team of strategists constantly has its finger on the pulse of email marketing trends and statistics. We'll work with you to craft a data-driven strategy to hit your marketing goals, while fitting within your budget. Explore Email Strategy Services


Our team of expert designers and writers work with you to craft fully responsive, high-impact email design templates, landing pages, and marketing copy engineered to captivate readers across all devices and screen sizes. Explore Email Design Services


Our Campaign Production Services team leverages serious tech smarts to ensure your emails and templates render properly across all major email clients (including Gmail, Outlook, and iOS), with the optimization needed to deliver results. Explore Email Implementation Services


Make sure your messages arrive in the inbox every time. Our deliverability experts give your email marketing program a head-to-toe examination, identifying where you are hurting your reputation with ISPs and how you can improve your program's performance. Explore Deliverability Services


Our email specialists will analyze your data to help you send timely, relevant, and personalized marketing emails. You’ll receive a database schema to ensure the right information is stored and integrated inside of the WhatCounts platform, and we’ll provide the support to connect the sources to your account correctly. Explore Data Services

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Email Marketing Solutions Tailored To Your Industry

Allow us to solve your brand's needs. Explore Our Industries


Mobile Banking Promotions

Reach your ideal audience where they are, across devices. Leverage mobile banking promotions to market your financial products and increase your customers’ lifetime value.

Cross-sell & Up-sell

Cross-sell and up-sell your financial offers and options using our easy-to-use email marketing automation.

Customer Onboarding Email Series

Our onboarding email marketing series is a great way to get new customers familiar with your brand and all it has to offer, promoting adoption of your financial products along the way.

Explore Our Finance Email Marketing Solutions


Attractive Pop-Up Opt-Ins

You read that right — far from being a nuisance, pop-ups are a powerful list growth solution when properly designed and deployed. Our lightbox modals are a great way to support your list-growth and monetization goals with minimal user disruption.

Social Opt-Ins

Hashtag #subscribed. Combine the power of social media and email marketing to reach your ideal audience where they are and generate organic subscriber list growth.

Content Personalization

Creating unique messages is key to increasing engagement. WhatCounts email marketing solutions provide everything you need to drive more pageviews through personalization, delivering the right message to the right reader.

Explore Our Publishing Email Marketing Solutions


Referral Programs

Word-of-mouth recommendations for the digital age. Referral campaigns are a powerful way to increase engagement with current customers and acquire new ones organically.

Cart Abandonment Email

Reach the ones that got away. Our cart abandonment series is a great way to keep your audience engaged and boost your conversion rates.

Transactional Up-Sell

With transactional up-sell automation, you can hone in on subscriber preferences to encourage further engagement and repeat purchases from your most loyal readers.

Explore Our Retail Email Marketing Solutions


Price Drop Alerts

They’re dreaming of travel, but waiting for the right price — so bring them the good news! See higher conversion rates and customer engagement with our price drop automations.

Customer Loyalty Programs

V.I.P. campaigns are a great way to encourage repeat bookings and keep customers happy, increasing the likelihood they become brand advocates.

Win-Back Email Series

“Reunited, and it feels so good.” When customers stop engaging your brand, our win-back campaigns will help you bring them back and revitalize your conversion rates.

Explore Our Travel Email Marketing Solutions

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Backed by years of email marketing expertise and proven results, our blogs, webinars, whitepapers, and ebooks will keep your email program on the right track. Explore Our Resources

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Intuitive, easy to use, and built for marketers who want to drive more revenue through email personalization.

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