Let WhatCounts handle all your email marketing automation needs

Email marketing automation not only allows you to appear timely to your subscribers while sending them personalized messages, it also takes a lot off your plate and saves you the time of having to build and send individual emails.

But what takes a lot more off of your plate is just letting us do all your marketing automation for you. Here’s a quick look at what we offer:

The Birthday Series

Improve your deliverability AND bring joy to your subscribers’ lives. Birthday and anniversary messages offering an incentive of some sort see much higher overall engagement rates and revenue boosts per email than normal messages. It’s a gift for everybody.

Lapsed And Never Purchased Series

Whether it’s a subscriber who has never made a purchased, or someone who left some cool stuff in their cart, it’s important to stay engaged with them. Having a trigger created to give these folks a friendly push to make a purchase is a great way to keep your revenue flow going. Bonus: These kind of campaigns have been shown to convert one-time buyers into multi-purchasers.

Loyalty/VIP Series

Give those customers who really stick out the superstar treatment. A little pampering can lead to continued loyalty and increase the revenue flow from these individuals. Send a special message to these VIPs, or even set up an automated series that sends once a customer has met certain requirements.

Preference Center Update Series

Encouraging your list to keep up with their preference centers will create more data that will allow you to segment your lists and send accurate, personal, and engaging content to them — improving your overall metrics and deliverability.

Post-Purchase Series

A subscriber should have a positive experience with your brand, start to finish. Having a post-purchase series ready to deploy is the best way to make sure you keep the good vibes going after the transaction is complete.

Renewal Or Reorder Reminders

If your products come with an expiration date, get the jump on your customers by setting up campaigns to remind them it’s time to stock up. Your subscribers will feel like you have their backs, and you’ll keep the revenue rolling in.

The Welcome Series

A boost in revenue and higher engagement rates from your subscribers equals an increase in ROI. That’s what a Welcome Series can do for you. Find out why email marketers turn this tried-and-true slam dunk to kick their email programs into high gear.

The Win-Back Series

Subscribers have a tendency to be bad participators — it happens. But a campaign geared at targeting those slackers can help rejuvenate their interest: Up to 75% will re-engage within the first 90 days. Get more information on how to apply this proven method of engagement to your email program today.

We’re ready to take your email marketing to the next level. Let us know how we can help you today.

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