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Why WhatCounts

Our mission as an email service provider is to help you send smarter, more personalized messages:

What Makes Us Different

Flexible Deployment Options:

WhatCounts provides a robust Smart Marketing Engine that we deploy in many different ways to best suit your company’s needs. Visit our Products page and Services page to find out how we can help you market smarter.

Dedicated Account Model:

WhatCounts is not a “do-it yourself” provider. We partner with our clients to ensure that they have hands-on support, dedicated technical account teams, and never have to rely on a faceless call center. Every single account is assigned an Account Manager.

Professional Services:

We’re our own largest customer, doing full service email marketing on behalf of hundreds of companies. We can provide you turn-key email marketing or let you run the show with our professional services just a phone call away.

Video and Social-Enhanced Email:

We offer a suite of features designed to help you increase engagement and shareability of your email marketing, from enhanced video features that deliver detailed metrics to integrated social media support.

How We Can Help You Right Now

We’ve got a ton of content available for free to help you start sending smarter messages across all your channels – web, email, social and mobile. Here are just a few resources:

Want even more?

Want to learn more about how we can help you send smarter, more personalized messages? Ask for a free tour and demo of our services from one of our business development managers:

If you’d like to chat right now about our services, feel free to give us a call toll-free at 866.804.0076 or fill out this short contact form: