Full Stack Platform

Seamlessly Combine Your Retail Data and Email Marketing Campaigns with WhatCounts

Everything you need to elevate your customer targeting and daily email strategy and execution can be found in platform, meaning you can spend less time hopping between vendors and more time marketing.

Your Data

Your Way

Pull your eCommerce data directly into WhatCounts to power key marketing campaigns and advanced segmentation. You’ll gain access to 3+ years of customer, product, and purchase data, as well as custom fields. 

We’ll also provide you with predictive data sets based on proprietary propensity models, giving you access to customer data, such as propensity to churn, propensity to buy, future best customers, etc.

Acquire New Customers

Grow Your Subscriber List Organically
Do this with our easy to use form builder and acquisition tools, including:
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Progressive preference sites
  • List growth analytics
  • Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram integrations for retargeting and look-a-like campaigns

Advanced Cross-Channel Personalization

Rich Segmentation

Create segments based on customer, purchase, product data, as well as, custom fields and predictive data sets, including: predictive gender, predicted next order date, predicted churn, predicted best future customer. 

View key analytics on any segment you build, and use segments across email, social, GoogleAds, and SMS.

Deploy Hyper-Personalized Lifecycle Campaigns

Create Automated Campaigns That Trigger Based on Customer Behavior, Data, or Time

Whether you’re trying to acquire, convert, nurture, or win-back customers, you have access to all of the data and assets you need to create a custom campaign. 

We get you started with a set of pre-built automations so you can get up and running quickly; however, whether you’re trying to acquire, convert, nurture, or win-back customers, you’ll have access to all of the data, assets, and tools necessary to create your custom campaigns.


Reporting You Can Trust

Get Actionable Insights with Key Reporting That You Can Trust

Our platform offers 70+ graphs and charts to help you create a winning marketing strategy, including:

  • Revenue lift on a per campaign and overall basis
  • Device and email client analytics
  • Hourly and daily campaign analytics
  • Deliverability and unsubscribe monitoring
  • AOV by Day, Hour of Day, or State/Country
  • Fastest rising products
  • CLV and AOV by acquisition source

No Coding Needed

It’s All Set for You.

Create flawless, responsive templates that are tested to work in 40+ email clients with our drag-and-drop email builder. 

The best part? No need to worry about code – it’s all set for you.

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