Mission and Values

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission at WhatCounts is simple: help customers deliver the most impactful customer communications possible—enabling our clients to use data in the right ways, at the right moments, and through the right channels. 

But we’re more than an email marketing and personalization platform. At the center of what we do is a commitment to be our clients’ right-hand-man, delivering insightful advice with passion, friendliness, fun and individual pride. In our book, exceptional customer service isn’t just the right way to go—it’s the only way.

Our Values

WhatCounts has thrived in a competitive industry because we deeply believe in core values, which represent the people who work here, the type of team we want to be, and the way we view the world:

Speak Factually

While not always the easiest or the most fun conversation,  speaking factually is core to creating a high-functioning team. Whether you’re a team member or a client, you can rest assured we’re committed to speaking open, honestly, and factually.

Great People Build Great Teams

We believe that a great company starts with a  great team, and a great team starts with great people. We pride ourselves or finding A+ members for every role within WhatCounts.

Excellence Starts with Competence + Ownership

Part of creating a cohesive, high-functioning team is smart team members who own their roles and revel in that ownership and competence. We give our team members the tools and know-how to thrive, the rest ifs up to them.

Take Calculated Risks

We challenge our team to think outside the box, which sometimes leads to new innovations and sometimes means falling flat on your face. Not every idea is going to be a slam dunk, and that’s ok. Failing sometimes happens, but as long as the risks are grounded in data and facts and there’s a chance to learn from it, it was worth it.

Know Our Ideal Client and Delight Them

A company is only as great as the customer service they provide to their clients. At WhatCounts we’re laser focused on finding clients we know will benefit from using our platform and delighting them. 

Lead from the Front

The WhatCounts management team will never ask anything of its employees that they’re not willing to roll up their sleeves and do themselves.  Leading from the front is incredibly important for fostering trust and good-will among the team, between departments, and between employees at different levels within the organization.

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