Mission and Values

Why We Do What We Do

Our mission at WhatCounts is simple: Help our clients send beautiful, personalized email marketing to put more money in their pockets. It’s a lofty objective we strive to exceed daily through a dedication to developing sophisticated, intuitive features in our platform.

But we’re more than an email-sending tool. At the center of what we do is a commitment to be our customers’ right-hand-man, delivering insightful advice with passion, friendliness, fun and individual pride. In our book, exceptional customer service isn’t just the right way to go – it’s the only way.

Our Values

WhatCounts has thrived in a competitive industry because we deeply believe in four core values, which represent the people who work here, the type of team we want to be, and the way we view the world:


We are creative, innovative thinkers who dream big dreams for our company, and figure out how to make those dreams a reality.


We are committed to what we do and engaged with what we are doing. We love to work hard because we love what we do.

Learn Constantly

We are thought leaders who want to grow the possibilities of what each of us can accomplish by embracing knowledge and learning.


We consider work a thread in the tapestry of the life we enjoy and are always ready to have fun.