Introducing Lifecycle UI

The release of the drag-and-drop Lifecycle UI workflow gives WhatCounts clients the ability to launch fully automated, complex, measurable, and powerful customer engagement email campaigns. Lifecycle marketing is not about sending a flood of messages at a single time: It’s about sending the right message to the right person at the right time based on activity in your funnel.

Keep Users Engaged

While You Still Have Their Attention

Once a lead or subscriber has gone cold, you face a steep hill in your efforts to get his or her attention back. By automatically triggering follow-up emails based on activity, as opposed to a scheduled weekly communication, lifecycle marketing allows you to strike while the iron is hot.

WhatCounts Lifecycle Marketing

Be More Efficient

Stop Wasting Subscribers’ Time — And Yours

The beauty of Lifecycle Marketing is in the automation. You’re trying to do more with less every day, and email marketing can take up a huge chunk of time. Once you set up your lifecycle rules, automation takes over and you can get back to the other hundreds  of items on your to-do list. The redesigned Creative Library and Template Editor can help you be more efficient, too. Get a peek at how they work!


Re-Engage With a Single Click

Capitalize on your most valuable asset

Just because a subscriber has gone cold doesn’t mean that user is lost. You can set up rules in the drag-and-drop Lifecycle UI workflow to automatically turn a cold subscriber into an active customer. We’re talking true one-to-one communication.

WhatCounts Lifecycle Marketing