Missed our We Love Email Innovation Tour?On Nov. 5, 2014, we hosted our quarterly We Love Email Innovation Tour in spunky Portland, OR. We were joined by our event host, the Oregonian Media Group, and a  world-class panel of experts from ReturnPath, MovableInk and LiveIntent. The theme? Innovations in email and digital marketing with a holiday twist.

What you’ll hear:

The Future of Email: What does email look like in 5 years?
The Cutting Edge: Who’s innovating email today?
Quick and Dirty Holiday Wins for your Email Marketing
Pixels vs. People: Use CRM retargeting to empower your holiday emails.
Top Deliverability Tips for the Holidays and Beyond
Email Marketing Scorecard: Get your grade!

What you won’t hear:

Lame sales pitches from weak presenters. This event was a no-selling zone, and we only invited the industry’s best companies to speak.

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