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3 Emails We’re Digging This Week


It’s time for another installment of our series where we shine the spotlight on emails that we think hit all the right notes.

3. ♬ I’ve been waiting… for an email like you ♬

From Amy Garland, Senior Customer Success Manager

Sender: Return Path

“Good re-engagement email.”

2. It’s Been Awhile

From Analee Bueras, Customer Success Coordinator

3 More Emails We’re Into


As email people, we get pretty excited about messages that just hit every right note. So we wanted to share with you more of our favorite emails that have graced our inboxes recently. Enjoy!

3. Hey, Seattle! Use This 20% Off Coupon At The Ballard Petco Store Before We Renovate!

From Mike Bollen, Customer Success Manager

Sender: Petco

“This is a good example of personalization that I hadn’t seen from Petco emails before and it grabbed my attention.

Oversights You’re Making With Your Cart Abandonment Emails


Our Senior Strategist Fawn Young is back again to drop some knowledge on you about abandoned cart campaigns and why it’s always important to check in on your marketing automation.

Abandoned cart emails are big revenue drivers. They are typically automated campaigns that once setup can run well on their own via automation. However, that doesn’t mean it’s OK to never check in on them.  Case in point, this abandoned cart email from Lands’ End.