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Sweating over Gmail’s automatic unsubscribe link? Don’t be.

Earlier this month, Joy Ugi wrote about Google’s official wide release of the “automatic unsubscribe” link. This link, placed at the top mail displayed in the Promotions, Social or Forum tabs, allows the user to request to unsubscribe from mailings immediately. The feature was announced in February, but just made official on August 6. In [...]

Capture Customers’ Attention with Lifecycle Email Marketing

The first job of your lifecycle email marketing campaign, after identifying your audience, is capturing the attention of that audience. This relies on two principles: First, the person must recognize a need. Second, the person must be actively looking to fulfill that need. There are a lot of people who have needs, but don’t recognize [...]

Should You Send to Role Account Email Addresses?

If you’re regularly cleaning your email subscriber lists, you’ll probably come across email addresses such as webmaster@, sales@, support@, admin@. These are called role account email addresses, and they represent a role or department within a company instead of an individual person. How does sending to these role account email addresses affect your email marketing? [...]

Just Ask

We have said, time and again, that your email list is your most valuable marketing asset. Those email addresses, as long as they have been collected via opt-in, are digital gold. But here’s a question for you: How are you acquiring your subscribers? I’m not talking about the traffic acquisition channels you see in Google [...]