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5 Important Email Types That Should Be In Your Marketing Arsenal

Email marketing can become stagnant quickly if you aren’t using all the tools at your disposal. Below you’ll find snippets from our absolutely free eBook on kickstarting  your email marketing program, which also answers some common questions you might have.   This snippet will cover important email types that you should be utilizing often to [...]

3 Tips For Streamlining Your Email Habits

Katie Thomas is our awesome Director of Strategic Account Services out of the Baltimore office. She was generous enough to give us valuable insight on a problem she runs into constantly: The unfortunate batch and blast. Read on to see how you can avoid doing this, and give your email program the love it deserves. I’ve been [...]

Keeping on the Good Side: General Email Best Practices to Remember

Stay in best practice. Keep readers happy.
We’ve all been in that ever-so-frustrating situation where it feels like your inbox is out to get you. You had to search for the unsubscribe button, you couldn’t unsubscribe, you couldn’t read content on your mobile device – the list goes on and on. Email marketers, you’ve probably wondered about certain sending standards, such as [...]

How to Get Amazing Email Engagement Metrics

Get amazing email engagement metrics.
We know personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates than those that don’t (Experian). But what are some ways to personalize? How do we increase email engagement metrics with our campaigns? These and other questions were addressed in our webinar with two of our email experts. Here are some additional answers to questions we didn’t [...]