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How to Get Amazing Email Engagement Metrics

Get amazing email engagement metrics.
We know personalized emails deliver six times higher transaction rates than those that don’t (Experian). But what are some ways to personalize? How do we increase email engagement metrics with our campaigns? These and other questions were addressed in our webinar with two of our email experts. Here are some additional answers to questions we didn’t [...]

How to Optimize Your Holiday Email Marketing

The holiday season is almost here! Big shopping days are just around the corner so it is time to start increasing your email marketing efforts. What is the most effective way to prepare for your holiday email marketing? Start by enhancing your database and effectively targeting your consumers. Get Clean Marketers across all industries are [...]

Sweating over Gmail’s automatic unsubscribe link? Don’t be.

Earlier this month, Joy Ugi wrote about Google’s official wide release of the “automatic unsubscribe” link. This link, placed at the top mail displayed in the Promotions, Social or Forum tabs, allows the user to request to unsubscribe from mailings immediately. The feature was announced in February, but just made official on August 6. In [...]