Connect Magento to Bronto

Available for M1 and M2

WhatCounts connects a retailer’s Magento eCommerce platform to their Bronto account, helping to grow repeat sales. With WhatCounts connecting Magento and Bronto, retailers can automatically integrate customer purchase history and transactional data into Bronto to power data-driven digital marketing solutions.

Layer WhatCounts on Top of Your Bronto Account To:

  • Integrate Magento and Bronto seamlessly
  • Leverage predictive fields and propensity models to create automated, personalized 1:1 cross-channel messaging
  • Set up key campaigns, such as predictive replenishment to trigger based on each customers’ buying cadence

Glean More Power from Bronto

With These Features and Capabilities:
  • Smart send capabilities. Let us do the heavy lifting and trigger emails based on the last purchase time for each individual customer
  • Offline campaign execution. Export segments to enable retargeting, look-a-like, and other offline campaigns
  • Access data from disparate sources, including online, brick and mortar, to create a seamless shopping experience
  • Pull in custom fields and segment on criteria that’s unique to your business.
  • Optimize your email campaigns with dynamic product recommendations based on purchasing trends across your entire customer base. We’ll surface items and categories based on your individual customers’ purchasing history and buying trends for your aggregate customer base

Within WhatCounts, you can create a variety of automated, personalized emails and ads to help welcome, convert, thank, retain, upsell, recommend, reward, and win back valuable customers through Bronto. You can also create complex customer segments based on product, purchase, and customer data, as well as custom fields from Magento to power more personalized promotions.

Ready to Connect Magento to Bronto?