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Q: There are plenty of Email Service Providers out there, what makes us different?

A: Our customers choose us because they placed more value on having a partner vs. a piece of software. Our software is great, but if you were to ask any of our customers, they love our account management and agency services.

Read on to find out why...

#1 Problem Marketers Face

The biggest challenge most marketers face is personalization. Why is personalization so important, because 72% more people will engage with a personalized email vs. non-personalized email.

Why is personalized data so hard to get? Most marketers don’t have access to their data or the right data. They also don’t have the time or internal resources to create multiple versions of a template or content.

how we solve this problem with smart marketing

Smart Data

Smart Marketing is designed to collect and synthesize data from multiple sources and organizes the information into a clear, compelling story about your target market.

Smart Segments

Take the clear, actionable data and make segments. These data driven segments are essentially rules the platform follows, based on your list and campaign.

Smart Campaigns

Automation is essential to the process. It allows marketing departments to do more with less. decrease setup time and increase personalization.

Smart Analytics

With access to real data about actual campaign performance, the truth is always at your fingertips. Get the truth about your campaign performance.

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