Hone In Your Objectives

WhatCounts’ SmartSessions are designed to help brands coalesce around a Single Business Objective (TM) and actively work to create a feasible roadmap to attain that goal. We help brands focus and drive forward together to create incremental margin.

The whole team found the session inspiring, thought provoking, and transformative in our approach to campaign planning. This session gave us a fresh perspective on our online marketing process: forward-looking and personalized to the consumer.

Kyle Rosebush, Director of Marketing & eCommerce, Skullcandy
Leveraging the Singular Business Objective™ Methodology to Drive Incremental Margin

All marketers suffer from marketing nirvana, a state of paralysis arising from the infinite marketing possibilities created with access to data. In fact, many brands spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on expensive data platforms and, a year later, are still doing the same batch and blast marketing they’ve always done. 

A Different Approach

The WhatCounts’ SmartSessionTM is designed to help brands hone in on their top business objectives and create a specific, tactical plan to deploy cross-channel, predictive marketing campaigns that have a proven track record of lifting revenue.

These sessions, led by tenured executives in WhatCounts’ leadership team, bring 20+ years of industry experience, financial acumen, and technology knowledge to the table to help facilitate the session and collaborate with your team.


These day long, on-site sessions focus on collaboration between executives, merchandisers, marketers, and IT staff using WhatCounts’ Singular Business ObjectiveTM methodology.


Selection of Singular Business Objective (SBO)

Work with executives and merchandisers to identify and rank top 3-5 opportunities to drive EBIT growth in their line of business 


Validate the Margin Opportunity Before Building Strategies

Calculate additional EBIT that achieving an SBO creates. If there is a credible path, move on to the third step. 


Create an Action Plan to Achieve the SBO

Cross-functional conversation, facilitated by Windsor Circle, to name and rank tactics for achieving the goal. 


Within one business week, you will receive an Executive Report that summarizes all of the ideas discussed in the session, as well as your finalized action plans. We will schedule a check out call to answer any remaining questions you may have and ascertain next steps.