Pre-Packaged Lifecycle Series:
Whether you realize it or not, your customers are on a journey with your brand, and it’s important for you to guide them every step of the way. Having pre-made messages to deploy automatically based on user actions will go a long way in providing increased ROI. Give your subscribers a unique and personalized experience with your brand.
Preference Sites:
Preference sites are a good way to retain subscribers and give them an avenue to communicate to you exactly what it is they want to see, how often, and other vitals that help you perfect an amazing, personalized one-to-one relationship with them.
Custom Responsive Templates:
With more and more customers viewing emails on mobile devices, having responsive templates that look awesome no matter where they’re displayed is pivotal for every email program. Our design team are experts in UX and UI best practices, and are ready to create you a modular template, fully customized to your brand specifications, that will always look great on any device.
Managed Campaigns:
Or, hey, if you’re stretched thin as it is, then let our team literally run your email campaigns for you. You provide the content, they’ll do all the heavy lifting and even hit the send button so you never have to worry about it.