Email Marketing Customer Success


Success at last!

What's worse than calling a customer service line, listening to an automated message, then pressing every number on the keypad only to have all your questions unanswered and your heart’s wishes unfulfilled? Moldy cheese? We have no idea. But when you work with WhatCounts, you never have to worry about that nonsense.

WHATCOUNTS.COM 866.804.0076

We're committed to helping drive your brand's success, which is why your account is handled personally by a CSM: Customer Success Manager.

No 800 Numbers:
You won’t have to dial in and be put in a waiting line. You’ll have all the contact info for your own CSM, who’s ready to help at a moment’s notice.

No Automated Voice Programs:
Avoid getting carpal tunnel from using your keypad. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to speak to an actual human being – especially, a WhatCounts human being.

Actual Experts:
Our CSMs are rich with knowledge about our platform and agency. They’re up-to-date on email best practices, and can readily address any questions and concerns you have about your account.

But, wait! There’s more! If your company utilizes our incredible platform, you’ll be paired up with a TAM: Technical Account Manager. Like a CSM, our TAMs are also well-versed in email best practices and our platform. Your TAM will be able to handle any unexpected curve balls you encounter, and will also be happy to show you some of the more brilliant features in our technology.

When you team up with our TAMS and CSMS, you'll truly maximize your experience with WhatCounts.

Whether you need a brilliant agency or an amazing email platform, we've got you covered. Let us know how we can serve you.