Smart Marketing:

Putting the Pieces Together

At WhatCounts, we live, breathe, and dream Smart Marketing.
When you put the pieces of Smart Marketing together, you win, because when the right content reaches the right people, your marketing campaign goes further than you ever thought possible. Personalized messages cut through the clutter and make a genuine connection with your customers. And personalization is what drives the Smart Marketing Engine. In this Smart Marketing: Putting the Pieces Together download, you’ll learn how:

  • Smart Data turns “list entries” into real people
  • Smart Segments generate fresh, relevant content your customers will love to receive
  • Smart Marketing extends your reach across multiple channels—including mobile devices and social networks
  • Integrated testing and reporting helps you understand and refine your campaign performance
  • Automating your email campaigns helps you do so much more without stretching budget or staff resources

The pieces of Smart Marketing includes gathering Smart Data about your subscribers, which you can then turn into Smart Segments. These Smart Segments can be created based on subscriber location, psychographic information and more. The next piece of the Smart Marketing puzzle is creating content that matters to each of your Smart Segments and sending them out across all channels – web, email, mobile and social. That’s not enough, though. It’s imperative that you test your content to see what parts your subscribers like best. This is a part of the Smart Data you gather that will help you send even more personalized messages in the future. If you struggle with having the time and resources to send out multiple campaigns to different Smart Segments, automation in the Smart Marketing Engine is the piece of the puzzle that will help you schedule email campaigns so you don’t have to lift a finger later on.

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