Retention Marketing for Retailers

Engaging Consumers at Every Stage of Their Customer Lifecycle

If you’re not engaging consumers at every stage of their customer lifecycle in a relevant, personalized way, then you’re losing valuable revenue from customers you already have! That’s where we can help. Simply put, retention marketing is the act of working to retain customers through different marketing campaigns to ensure that they at least pay back their cost of acquisition, with a goal of turning retained customers into brand evangelists and creating a customer centric marketing strategy.

WhatCounts uses your product, customer and purchase history data to automatically drive personalized marketing that connects with customers in a relevant and meaningful way to help keep them coming back. 

We were thrilled to make over half a million dollars in revenue in six months using data-driven lifecycle marketing powered by Windsor Circle. What's more, this retention automation platform generates a 25 times ROI

Ben Kirshner, CEO, CoffeeForLess
Increase Repeat Sales

20%+ Lift in Revenue

According to a recent report, “Predictive Marketers are 2.9x more likely to report revenue growth at rates higher than the industry average.” The ability to predict your customer’s purchases and curate a personalized experience on a mass scale is a game changer, allowing you to stay competitive in a very crowded market. Retailers can use predictive marketing to increase repeat sales and drive revenue through a multi-faceted approach, using data across platforms from email marketing to social and PPC to create a seamless, multi-touch experience for every customer.
Layer in Predictive Data

Predict Their Purchases. Grow Your Revenue

Incorporate key predictive features, such as

  • dynamic product recommendations
  • smart timing for email sends
  • predicted gender
  • predicted churn
  • and more

Using proprietary models, created, maintained, and fine-tuned by our data science team, retailers are able to send emails based on individual behavior, as well as aggregate customer data. Our clients see an average 10% lift in repeat sales, 12% lift in retention rate, and 10x ROI after 12 months. 

Control the Entire Process

Whether you want complete control over your campaigns or you need a little help, we’ve got the right solution for you. Marketers can rest easy with the ability to create email campaigns that fit their brand using our WYSIWYG editor. When setting up automated campaigns, marketers are walked through set up, step-by-step, you can decide to rely on our data algorithms to power trigger dates, product recommendations, and more, or select these settings yourself. Alternatively, our professional services team is happy to assist with the development of creative and setup of your lifecycle campaigns.

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