Predictive Product Replenishment

Make Sure Your Customers Are Always Well-Stocked With Their Favorites

Retailers with consumable products have a unique opportunity to get in front of their customers on a regular basis with more than just promotional messaging. Trigger personalized, dynamic replenishment emails based on each individual’s purchasing cycle and make sure your customers never run out of their favorite products.

How Predictive Product Replenishment Works

Nothing's Better Than Loyal Happy Customers

Every online retailer’s goal is to build a loyal, happy, customer base full of repeat buyers. And that’s especially true for companies that sell replenishable, or consumable, products. However, it takes more than just competitive pricing and a well-designed site to keep customers coming back. Your marketing has to be timely and, most importantly, relevant to the needs of each individual customer.

Using propensity models, we help retailers understand individual buying patterns and trigger marketing campaigns to remind customers to repurchase products just before they run out, automatically.

Key Features and Benefits

Seamless Personalization

Understand the individual buying patterns of repeat purchases and tailor retargeting campaigns to each customer, automatically. As a customer makes more purchases, our model ingests the data and adjusts trigger dates to accommodate changes in the customer’s consumption patterns.

Basket Items in One Email

Stop wasting valuable time and resources managing custom email formats, messaging, and delivery cadence for every product in your catalog. We’ve streamlined the process, not only saving you time but reducing the number of emails that a customer receives. Our basket functionality allows you to combine multiple items that are due for replenishment into a single email.

Gain Control with Frequency Capping

Make sure your customers are receiving the right number of emails with frequency capping. WhatCounts allows you rank your emails and set a limit on the number of campaigns, so you can feel confident that the right message is always getting delivered.

Creating a replenishment campaign was a no brainer for us, as we sell consumable products - namely coffee and tea. Our replenishment emails see open rates of 35% with click rates of 5%. The goal of this email is to get in front of the customer before they run out of coffee, so leveraging WhatCounts predictive data is key to the success of this marketing campaign.

Ziv Karmi, eCommerce Manager,

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