Predictive Gifting

Gift purchases provide substantial revenue for online retailers, but non-seasonal gifts are hard to identify and time-intensive to target in an automated way. Marketers need to tap into predictive science to identify unique gift purchases. Retailers and brands can foster customer loyalty by getting in front of customers when it’s time to order a new gift. Predictive Gifting identifies gift purchases and triggers an email 11 months after the purchase, giving the customer ample time to buy a new gift.


Why Predictive Gifting?

Go beyond your standard holiday gifting campaigns and capture yearly events that you can’t predict, such as birthdays and anniversaries. Help your customers remember key dates for important people in their lives – keeping them out of hot water and their loved ones happy with gifts they love.

How it Works

Annual gift purchase is made
Gift purchase anniversary approaches
Trigger gift event reminder with top gift recommendations

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