Onsite Behavioral Tracking

97% of website visits result in zero interactions - we help you get those customers back

Track onsite behavior of anonymous and known visitors, create 360 degree profiles, and trigger automated emails and retargeting ads based on a customer’s onsite behavior with WhatCounts.


Advanced Onsite Tracking

Power automated, cross-channel campaigns based on key behavioral data, such as:

  • Product details pages viewed
  • Product category pages viewed
  • Number of times a product was viewed
  • Product(s) added to the shopping cart
  • Time spent on a page
  • And more
Turn Page Views Into Revenue

Convert subscriber and customer visits into purchases

Optimize engagement

Increase brand affinity with relevant campaigns based on product viewed

Augment Customer Profiles

Augment your customer profiles with known onsite behaviors and interest

Dynamic Email Template

Showcase both viewed products or categories and dynamically generated product recommendations

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