Personalized OmniChannel Solutions

One-to-one Experiences Delivered
More customers than ever are demanding a personalized, one-to-one experience; however, it’s easy to get bogged down with that single, first conversion, instead of taking the necessary steps to grow a more profitable customer relationship. Turn your marketing from reactive to proactive with omnichannel predictive marketing from WhatCounts. Power campaigns using product, purchase, and customer data across multiple platforms to engage with customers where they shop and consume media. As a leading Predictive Marketing Platform, we give retailers access to their data and predictive data fields using our proprietary algorithms to ensure you’re engaging with clients at every stage of the buying cycle, on their favorite platforms. Learn how we can help you grow revenue and customer lifetime value via different channels and solutions.

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Jim McNamara, Aubuchon Hardware

Who We Are

WhatCounts is a Predictive Marketing Platform that helps retailers grow customer lifetime value and revenue through predictive marketing across channels. We help retailers unlock their data and power predictive campaigns through our direct integrations to email and Facebook. Alternatively, retailers can build segments based on product, purchase, customer, and predictive data fields – based on our proprietary algorithms – to create lists that can then be exported as a .csv and uploaded into key platforms to retarget and acquire new valuable customers. Our clients see a 20%+ lift in revenue for treated customers.

Who We Work With

We want retailers using our platform to be successful and see a lift in revenue. To that end, we work with retailers that meet the following criteria:

  • eCommerce companies with $10 million+ in online annual revenue
  • List ItemB2C brands or mixed B2B / B2C brands where more than 50% of sales are B2B