Guaranteed Data Integrations

Here’s the truth, integrations are hard.

The complexity of getting data loaded correctly is routinely downplayed and project managers often fail to grasp the time and energy required to get this crucial step right.

WARP10: Fast Track Your Time to Implementation

On-time, accurate data integrations are key to your success. Our onboarding process for important and setting up 3+ years of your historical data is called WARP10Ⓡ. This process results in:

38 pre-built segments

12 1:1 email automations

Over the past 18 months, we’ve averaged 8.9 out of 10 for client satisfaction for data onboarding and validation. Successful onboarding consists of three components:

1. Transparency and Accountability

During onboarding, you will have complete visibility into the projects progression and completion.

2. Dedicated Project Team

During this phase you’ll be assigned a project manager and a dedicated onboarding specialist who will oversee this rigorous process.

3. Validation and Sign-Off

We know the devil-is-in-the-details and know where those details are. The job isn’t done until the data is right and you’ve signed-off on it.

Combine Disparate Data in One Place

We get it, you have data in multiple places. Our system is designed to gather, cleanse, combine, and process data from multiple systems, including ERP, POS, and eCommerce platforms. Depending on the data you’re interested in harnessing lives, we’ll use a pre-built API, plugin, or extension, or a custom-built data feed.

Explore some of our most popular integrations:

Ready to See WhatCounts?

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