Automated Personalization Platform

Energize Your Communications

Turn your marketing from reactive to proactive with personalized, 1:1 campaigns that are triggered off of key attributes, such as customer data, product data, purchase data, onsite behavior, and predictive data sets. Gain access to 3+ years of data – eCommerce, ERP, POS, etc. – and engage with customers across platforms at every stage of the buying lifecycle.

WhatCounts’ Automated Personalization Platform gives you the tools to slice and dice your data, using our advanced segment builder, and create targeted, automated cross-channel campaigns.

Harness Your Data

The First Step in Creating Personalized Campaigns Is Gaining Access to Your Data in an Actionable Way

We pull 3+ years of data out of your eCommerce platform, ERP, and POS solution, clean it up, and push it through our proprietary algorithms to layer predictive data sets on top of your standard (customer, purchase, product data) and custom fields.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Engage with Customers, Retarget Subscribers, and Acquire New Customers

Create campaigns that trigger across platforms including:

Propensity Modeling and Analytics

Make Smarter Decisions about Your Marketing Strategy

Access crucial metrics (aggregated and by segment), such as Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), Average Order Value (AOV), Latency, email metrics (revenue by hour of day and day of week) and Revenue, to determine the types of campaigns to send and the customers to focus on. Our analytics allow you to:

Campaigns for Every Cycle of the Customer Journey

Set up Targeted Campaigns to Reach Customer at Every Stage of the Buying Cycle

These campaigns are completely customizable and are triggered off of customer, product, purchase, and predictive sets, as well as onsite behavior, such as browsing the site or abandoning a cart.  You’ll also have access to metrics, including revenue lift, on your campaigns so you know which ones are working and which ones you may need to revisit.

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