Subscriber Welcome Series

Subscribers expect a welcoming message within 15 minutes of signing up for your email lists.

Boost revenue and increase engagement rates from your subscribers with a welcome series. This first interaction is a great time to showcase your unique value proposition, tell your brand story, and reinforce what differentiates you in the market. Whether you want to build out the automation yourself or use our full-service agency, incorporating a welcome series into your lifecycle marketing strategy is paramount to your success.

Welcome Series Examples

We recommend at least a 3-part welcome series to full showcase who you are.

  • Email One: outline important background information, such as what sets your brand apart, company history, and social media profiles. If you’re a retailer, consider adding in an incentive to motivate a first purchase
  • Email 2: Orient your new subscribers to future email content, highlight your latest promotions, and content.
  • Email 3: Encourage your subscribers to tell you more about themselves, such as birthday, favorite products, and communication preferences.
Let us Help You Set Up Your Welcome Series

Our team is here to help you create and deploy an automated welcome series. Our package includes creation of a four-part welcome series. With this package you can expect:

  • 33% more customer engagement
  • A 93% boost in clicks
  • 50% open rates