Enterprise Email
Marketing Platform

Elevate Your Daily Email Strategy

Know how your marketing performs with key reports, create jaw dropping campaigns with our easy-to-use drag and drop template builder, and engage your customer and subscribers at every turn with cross-channel, curated marketing content.

Data at Your Fingertips


Create a 360° view of your subscriber’s behavior with a highly flexible relational, flat, or joint format containing your pertinent data sets.

Grow Your Marketing Lists

Stay On A Healthy Acquisition Track

It’s never been easier to garner new signups and subscribers organically with our easy-to-use acquisition tools, including:

  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Progressive preference sites
  • List growth analytics

Personalize Campaigns with Segmentation

Zero In On The Right Audience
Easily create segments based on customer data, from email engagement metrics to customer lifetime value. Target the right customer, at the right time, every time with segments that update in real-time.

Map Your Subscriber’s Lifecycle


Quickly create and deploy complex, hyper-personalized lifecycle campaigns triggered off of data, time, or behavior. You can choose to create your own with our drag-and-drop workflow builder or use one of our pre-built lifecycle automations.

Create Jaw Dropping Emails


Our drag-and-drop email builder creates perfectly rendering, responsive email templates, which have been tested to work in 40+ email clients. Spend your time creating, rather than coding.

  • Drag-and-drop template builder
  • Free responsive templates
  • SPAM tests and inbox rendering preview

Analyze Your Campaigns

There’s really no point in doing something you can’t measure. Which is why we give you the tools to test your marketing campaigns and gain actionable insights to measure success.

  • Subject line, content, and creative testing with real-time analytics and automated deployment of the testing winner
  • Device and email client analytics
  • Hourly and daily campaign activity
  • Deliverability and unsubscribe monitoring
  • Head-to-head campaign comparison

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