We work as a team – that means email marketing partners, too.

One of our core values as a company is to work as a team, and that includes working with the best email marketing partners and affiliations in the industry to help you change your email marketing game by sending smarter, more personalization messages. We partner with advanced technology and industry-leading deliverability companies to ensure that you get the maximum results from your email marketing campaigns. Our partners have similar missions and values as ours and align with our company goals of providing our customers with the best possible tools for their email marketing.

Adobe (formerly Omniture) is a leader in marketing optimization. Its products help businesses relentlessly optimize their marketing programs to make the best offer, every time, anywhere, automatically.
Google Analytics is an enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives users rich insights into website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features now let you see and analyze your traffic data in an entirely new way.
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brightverify BriteVerify provides real-time email verification tools that improve email data acquisition, deliverability, email marketing ROI and protects IP addresses. BriteVerify is certified by TRUSTe for compliance with Web Privacy & Trusted Cloud and SafeHarbor compliant.
FreshAddress FreshAddress’s SafeToSend email hygiene, correction, and validation service provides complete protection against costly problematic addresses while making your file 100% deliverable. Our patented ECOA and Email Append, among other services, help companies build their databases, maximize opens/clickthroughs, and drive revenues.
Towerdata TowerData powers people-based marketing with real-time, comprehensive and accurate data. With TowerData’s suite of services — including Email Intelligence and Email Validation — marketers can improve the quality, depth and reach of their data to meet customers with the right message, in the right place at the right time.
250ok 250ok is the premier email analytics and deliverability platform, driving advanced insights into performance, sender reputation, design testing, fraud protection (DMARC), and consumer engagement. Our real-time email analytics optimize ROI for thousands of forward-thinking marketers.
Since 1999, Port25 Solutions, Inc. has been fighting spam from the send side, by helping email service providers and top brands address the challenges of legitimate email marketing and customer communications. We are proud to call Port25 one of our deliverability partners.
liveclicker Liveclicker delivers rich customer experiences for leading brands across email and the web. Its RealTime Email solution brings static emails to life with content updated dynamically at the moment of open. Liveclicker’s video commerce solutions help today’s top brands – from production through conversion – generate the most ROI from video.
Windsor Circle’s Retention Automation Platform helps retailers 1) Connect virtually any eCommerce platform to WhatCounts; 2) Analyze retail customer data to identify, import and update customer segments and purchase history directly into WhatCounts custom fields; and 3) Automate, Segment and Personalize powerful retention marketing campaigns that help keep more customers.
Nexmo Nexmo offers the most advanced cloud communications platform to organizations that need to easily embed scalable and trusted communications into their applications and business processes.
Salesforce.com is the world’s #1 sales application. It gives sales reps, managers and execs everything they need to focus on what’s important: more selling and less administration.