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WhatCounts knows the challenges publishers face. That's why print and online media publishers trust WhatCounts to help them engage their audiences through email marketing solutions.
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Audience Growth

Developing a large audience can be difficult. But working with WhatCounts, we’ll help grow your subscriber database so you can maximize your monetization opportunities.

Suggested Campaigns & Tools

  • Light-box Modals
  • Social Opt-In
  • Mobile Opt-in
  • Subscription Centers
  • Cross Promotions
  • Progressive Opt-in

Increased Engagement

Personalizing your messaging is key in increasing engagement. That’s why our platform is equipped with everything you need to give your subscribers a unique experience, thus driving more pageviews and more conversions.

Suggested Campaigns & Tools

  • Content Personalization
  • Frequency Optimization
  • Multivariate Testing

Improved Efficiency

Decrease manual processes by leveraging our automation tools. Our technology is designed with the user in mind, making for an intuitive experience that produces optimal results in your email marketing.

Suggested Campaigns & Tools

  • Content Automation
  • Workflow Approval
  • Campaign Automation
  • Drag-And-Drop Template Editor

Drive More Revenue

Leveraging your customer data is an important part of keeping the subscriber lifecycle active. Using our full-service agency, platform, and advice from our expert strategists, your email program will be fully-optimized and an integral part of your brand’s revenue generation.

Suggested Campaigns & Tools

  • Data appends for targeting
  • User Profiles
  • Automated Subscription Renewal, Up-Sell, and Cross-Sell

Unified Audience Database

Our technology allows you to have a single view of your audience by integrating all customer touch points into a single database.

Suggested Campaigns & Tools

  • CMS Integrations
  • Web Analytics Integrations
  • Relational Database
  • Fulfillment Integrations
  • Real-Time and Batch API

Actionable Analytics

  • List Growth by Source
  • Customer Engagement Segments
  • ROI by Campaign
  • Trends Over Period of Time
  • Aggregate Campaigns Reports
  • Export for Easy Presentation

Customer Success

  • Publishing Specific Case Studies
  • Email Best Practices
  • Industry Benchmarks
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Unlimited Training
  • Dedicated Account Management