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With customers in short supply and bank products and services highly commoditized, financial institutions must differentiate themselves by creating and communicating value in order to compete. That’s why top banks, credit unions, and financial institutions trust WhatCounts’ financial email marketing platform and agency services to grow their businesses.
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Customer Acquisition

Bringing in new subscribers is made simple with WhatCounts. We’ll help you in creating unique opt-in and messaging experiences that will help grow and retain your customer base.

Suggested Campaigns & Tools

  • Progressive Opt-In Forms
  • Preference/subscription sites
  • Social & mobile opt-in
  • Online registration
  • Referral programs

Increase Customer Loyalty And NPS Scores

Improve NPS score by sending relevant email communications to customers. Working with WhatCounts, you’ll have all the necessary tools at your disposal to develop brand loyalty and increase the chances your customers will recommend you to others.

Suggested Campaigns & Tools

  • Marketing Automation tools
  • Community Newsletters
  • Customer Milestone Triggers
  • Segmentation

Increase Share Of Customer Wallet

WhatCounts understands the importance of increasing a customer’s lifetime value. Leverage our email solutions to market all your financial products to your customers and gain better adoption of those products.

Suggested Campaigns & Tools

  • Cross-Sell Financial Products
  • Onboarding Email Series
  • Up-Sell Loan Programs
  • Promote Mobile Banking

Improved Efficiency

We understand your resources are limited and your time is valuable. WhatCounts has a number of solutions that decrease manual workflows to help you be more efficient.

Suggested Campaigns & Tools

  • Automated Winner A/B Testing
  • Flexible API
  • Drag-and-Drop Template Editor
  • Workflow Approval
  • Exportable Real-Time Reports
  • Marketing Automation Builder
  • Mobile Responsive Templates

Data Integration

  • CRM Integrations
  • Relational Database Capabilities
  • API Support
  • Data Security

Agency Solutions

  • Deliverability Consulting
  • Responsive Modular Templates
  • Strategic Planning and Email Roadmap
  • Data Integration
  • Campaign Implementation