WhatCounts Publicaster Edition Winter 2013 Release

WhatCounts is proud to announce the Winter 2013 Publicaster Edition release for current customers and prospective customers, with 5 exciting new features, including opt-in conversion tracking, inline CSS converter, behavioral profile actions, new segmentation conditions and post-link editing.


Opt-in Conversion Tracking

Would you like to be able to track conversions originating from email beyond a simple click-through rate? With opt-in conversions, you can now easily track additional conversions like downloads or product purchases on your site by adding a conversion tracking snippet on specific pages on your site. When a user reaches that page and an opt-in cookie exists, the conversion is recorded and associated with the form/subscriber. This feature also works with secure tokens instead of cookies.

Inline CSS Converter

To save you time when working in the Creative Manager and make sure your designs retain their integrity in different email clients, you can now click on the Inline CSS Converter button which will automatically convert your global CSS styles to inline CSS statements which are allowed by ISPs.

Behavioral Profile Actions

This feature allows you to update any fields in a user’s profile with one or more custom values, based on the subscriber meeting a specific behavioral condition.  This feature helps you capture advanced behavioral data on users quickly and securely from our platform without requiring a custom API integration.  By storing this data in fields in the user’s profile, it’s very easy to view / query / export this data and create segmentations on this data to make informed decisions about your subscribers.

New Segmentation Conditions

We’ve created new segmentation conditions for opt-in forms and conversion tracking which allow you to segment users who have opted in via a certain form, query the date they opted in or target subscribers who have opted in to multiple forms.  The conversion conditions also allow you to create segmentations against the order amount so you can easily create a follow up or reminder email to your best customers to drive even more revenue.

Post-Send Link Editing

Ever had one of those uncomfortable moments when you realize you’ve sent out an email with the wrong link? Now you can easily edit your links with post-send link editing. Fix your links before your subscribers even notice and sleep better tonight!

With the Winter 2013 release of the WhatCounts Publicaster Edition, WhatCounts reinforces its commitment to helping you send smart personalized digital messages.  If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of flexible deployment options, a dedicated account model, campaign and strategic services, and video & social enhanced email to help find and grow your email marketing ROI, contact us today at 866-804-0076.