Market Better,
Mark It Done.

Introducing the New WhatCounts
The role of marketing has changed and, with it, the needs of marketers have changed. Our platform and new brand identity reflect this ever evolving world. Learn more about our new brand below.

The New WhatCounts

Your Success is Our Singular Goal

While our name remains the same, we elevated our logo to truly reflect the caliber of clients we work with and the products and services we provide. The circle icon embodies the holistic nature of marketing in today’s interconnected world, as well as how our platform enables a well-rounded marketing strategy.  Within the circle you’ll notice two check marks forming a “W” – a nod to our name and how we help clients check things off their to-do list. 

New Tagline - Market Better, Mark It Done.

We made a conscious choice to move away from a buzzword-packed tagline and pinpoint exactly how we help our clients. Our team strives for a customer centric focus and we believe our tagline should reflect that focus. It’s not about us, it’s about how we can help you achieve your goals.

There are two things that matter in the marketing world: being the best and being efficient. WhatCounts helps you market to your customers the better way. Instead of blasting your customers with messages that fall flat, send targeted multi-channel messages that ring true. Whether automating your campaigns or working with our full-service design agency, we’ve got your covered, so you can mark one more thing off your to-do list and move on to more pressing matters.  

Let's Look at Where We Started

WhatCounts focused on email marketing, with a penchant for eye catching design, high deliverability, and enterprise-level email marketing features.

Windsor Circle focused on allowing retailers to grow customer lifetime value through personalized, automated campaigns powered by data.

Both companies had unique identities and a unique focus on creating personalized experiences for every customer and subscriber. As partners in the industry, WhatCounts and Windsor Circle worked together on a regular basis to help joint clients create a seamless marketing strategy. It only made sense for the two companies, both owned by Output Services Group (OSG), to combine forces and brand identities to create the WhatCounts you see today.

Interested in Seeing How We Can Help?

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