Finding the right audience with Facebook and Google

Everywhere You Turn, You See Things That Are Back in Fashion

“Mom jeans” are basically couture at this point. People are spending hundreds of dollars on record players. Heck, they’re even rebooting Perry Mason. Given all this retro love, you might be tempted to think a one-channel approach to email marketing is sufficient.

And you’d be mistaken.

Consumers have a bevy of channels at their disposal to shop for and research their next purchases, and a wide variety of ways they can interact with their favorite retailers. Funneling all your marketing into their inbox and calling it a day is myopic at best and detrimental to your bottom line at worst.

It’s with this mindset that we created two high-value integrations within the WhatCounts Predictive platform, both designed to let your personalized emails be the first step—not the only step—in a targeted messaging campaign that puts the right products in front of the right customers at the right time.

Facebook: More than Politics and Cat Memes

The savviest retailers have long recognized that advertising on Facebook is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to broaden your message to current and future customers. But it can also become a money pit if you don’t know how to refine your audience, and that’s where WhatCounts comes in.

Using Facebook’s Audience creation tools is kind of like using Google Earth to find your house; you’ll get where you want to get if you know how to narrow down your scope, but unless you know exactly what to filter out (and what to target), you’ll be left with an audience that’s probably too large, too unqualified, and too irrelevant for your messaging. And those impressions cost money, so you’re putting your campaign’s ROI in jeopardy, too.

WhatCounts Predictive seamlessly syncs your campaign’s recipients to a dedicated Facebook Custom Audience every night, effectively crafting a one-two punch for your digital marketing. First your customers get a highly personalized email from the predictive platform, and then it’s followed up by Facebook ads to reinforce the message.

Users can also sync segments to Facebook independent of email sends, effectively letting you use WhatCounts Predictive like a CRM for your Facebook advertising. And the best part is, because all of this is tied to segmentation—which gets updated every night from your e-commerce feed—everything in Facebook stays up-to-date. No more playing the export+import game!

Some Campaign Use Cases to Get You Started

Without giving away the secret sauce, here are just a few of the campaigns we recommend running on Facebook.

  • Best Customer Lookalike Campaign
  • Product Upsell/Cross Sell Campaign
  • Replenishment Campaign
  • Predictive Gifting Campaign
  • Predictive Win-Back Campaign
  • Anniversary or Birthday Campaign

Google: More than a Search Bar

WhatCounts Predictive also integrates with Google Ads in a very similar fashion. Email recipients and independent segments get synced to Google Ads as a dedicated audience every night, and those audiences can be used throughout the Google Ads ecosystem for retargeting, anywhere from YouTube to Google Shopping to Gmail. And because Google is such a ubiquitous tool for using the Internet, it makes for a very effective advertising lever.

Some Campaign Use Cases to Get You Started

Similar in nature to campaigns for Facebook, Google Ads is a great avenue for highlighting new products, reminding customers to replenish products that might be running low, or winning back a customer with one foot out the door.

  • Product Upsell/Cross-Sell Campaign
  • Replenishment or Category Repurchasing Campaign
  • Predictive Gifting Campaign
  • Predictive Win-Back Campaign
  • Happy Birthday or Anniversary Campaign

All of these integrations rely on customer matching based on email address. So if they gave your store the same email address they give to Facebook and/or Google, you’re in business! And the data shows that our segmentation beats Facebook’s filtering across the board.

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