Decoding the welcome series

Decoding the Welcome Series

Automated campaigns can help you save time, while boosting engagement, revenue, and brand affinity. In fact, compared to batch-and-blast email campaigns, automated campaigns earned a 74% increase in open rates and a 244% higher click-through rate. Furthermore, it’s not enough to just send one email—sending a series of emails can improve transaction rates by as much as 40% over sending a single email. If you’re relying on one email to do the job, you’re leaving a lot of potential revenue on the table. While there are a multitude of different automated campaigns you can set up for your business, this article is going to focus on one of the most important campaigns—the welcome series.

Now, let’s be honest for a minute—a welcome series is not what you would consider a sexy campaign. It doesn’t use fancy predictive algorithms or artificial intelligence to trigger the campaign (pulling in dynamic content is another story), but it’s a workhorse. Welcome emails are incredibly effective with 320% more revenue, on average, being attributed to them on a per email basis when compared to other promotional emails. I’m going to spend some time today walking through four areas pertaining to a welcome series: benefits, content, where to start, and features of the WhatCounts Automation Campaign Builder.

Benefits of a Welcome Series

There are many benefits of a welcome series. For starters, it’s a timely touchpoint with a newly acquired subscriber. This is your first opportunity to really showcase your brand and educate subscribers about what sets you apart from the competition. Are all of your products made in America? Or made from only sustainably sourced materials? Perhaps you have an amazing return policy or loyalty program. Whatever the reason, this is your chance to shout it from the rooftops and make your subscribers excited to be a part of your community.

There are also a few, less touchy-feely, benefits attributable to a welcome series:

Having a healthy email list to drive engagement and increase conversions is paramount to creating a healthy pipeline of customers. A Welcome Series is a vehicle for achieving those goals.

Content of a Welcome Series

Here at WhatCounts we like to break up the content to be included in a Welcome Series into four buckets: introduce, reiterate, encourage, personalize.

If you check all four of these boxes in your Welcome Series you can be sure that you’re creating a warm, welcoming, and informative experience for your new subscribers.

Where to Start When Creating a Welcome Series

When all else fails, keep it simple. A clear, concise message is going to resonate far more than a convoluted email that leaves the reader confused on what exactly they’re supposed to do with the information. Here are three steps to creating an easy to engage with email series. In fact, you can use this process for any email you create as it will help inform design and copy of your email.

Features of the WhatCounts Automation Campaign Builder

I’ll say this upfront, no matter what email marketing platform you use, you need to set up a welcome series ASAP. With that said, here are a few of the key features that enable WhatCounts clients to easily create an automated, personalized Welcome Series.

Welcome Series – The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

While a welcome series seems like an obvious campaign to run, there’s more to it than just slapping an email together that gets shipped out after someone subscribes. Taking the time to plan out a multi-part series and thinking through the content and subscriber experience can make all the difference between converting a subscriber and creating a less than pleasant experience which will promptly get your email chucked into the trash. As always, if you’re struggling to get your welcome series right or just need some extra help, our team is here and ready to jump in, all you have to do is reach out.

P.S. Want to learn more about our Automation Feature? Check out this help article.

Sources: all statistics were pulled from this article.

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