3 email newsletter monetization tactics you’re ignoring (but shouldn’t)

Are you using email newsletter monetization tactics?

Email newsletters work.

In fact, 83 percent of B2B companies use email newsletters as part of their content marketing programs.

Most likely you know this stat or a pocketful of others like it and you’ve worked hard to grow your email newsletter list. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into perfecting your design and producing killer content.

The next step is making money off that bad boy.

We’re talking about email newsletter monetization, or gaining more from your audience than ever before. Get the most bang for your content buck with these 3 email newsletter monetization tactics.

tactic #1 – advertising

Ads are the no-brainer way to create a steady revenue stream from your email newsletter.

But it can be tricky.

After all, include too many… and you risk irritating your highly engaged subscribers. And include too few… and you’ll reduce the likelihood of producing revenue.

So what’s the answer to this toss-up?

Balance is everything when it comes to email newsletter monetization.

We recommend only including one ad per email newsletter. It won’t diminish your helpful content, but it will draw enough eyeballs to make it worth including.

You can avoid subscriber irritation by hand picking ads that match the design and tone of your existing email newsletter content.

Think native content… it’s so unobtrusive it complements rather than detracts.

Pro tip: An email newsletter ad doesn’t have to be an outright sell for a product or service from a partner who pays you (although it can be). It can be a promotion of one of your own products or services!


tactic #2 – affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing isn’t new on the block when it comes to email newsletter monetization. But just because everybody knows what it is… doesn’t mean they know how to do it well.

As with being choosy about what ads you include in your email newsletter, picking your affiliates requires time and attention.

You want an affiliate that fits your brand image and has a good reputation.

Create a strategy — close to an interview process — to research, identify, and talk to affiliate marketing candidates.

This will prevent you from aligning with an affiliate that doesn’t fit your brand or speak to your audience. Because if you have either of those, email newsletter monetization is going to fall flat using this tactic.


Read these expert tips for increasing subscriber engagement.

tactic #3 – premium content

Well-written, helpful content is what makes an email newsletter sing.

And premium content can take it to the next level when it comes to email newsletter monetization.

There are two types of premium content.

The first includes content in your email newsletter that requires payment. For example, you can include a link leading to a paywall. This in turn encourages subscribers to open a paid account.

The second type is making your email newsletter itself premium content.

This means you charge users a subscription fee in order to receive your email newsletter. In order for this type of email newsletter monetization to work, your content has to be… well, amazing.

You have to give subscribers information they can’t get anywhere else for free. This could include:

  1. In-depth eBooks
  2. Timely and relevant videos
  3. Expert online courses
  4. Invite-only events
  5. Bonus articles

If you decide to monetize your newsletter by making it paid premium content, you MUST be an expert in your field.

Subscribers want to know the content they’re paying for is reliable and accurate.

conclusion: weigh the pros and cons of email newsletter monetization

There’s no doubt email newsletter monetization can increase the revenue of your email marketing program. This is especially true if you have a highly engaged list and you put a lot of thought into your content.

However, it can be ruinous to your metrics and brand reputation if not tackled correctly.

When considering these three email newsletter monetization tactics, weigh the costs and benefits of each one before executing.

And when you do move forward with a plan… make sure you take the time to test, make changes, and optimize.

Our team of strategy experts has advised numerous clients on these newsletter monetization strategies. We’ve also helped implement them in our email marketing platform. If you need any help with these strategies, just reach out.

Schedule a demo with WhatCounts Email Service Provider (ESP).

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