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preference center update series

In a world where users are constantly bombarded with messaging, it’s truly refreshing to have a company that cares about frequency. Hopefully you already have a customized preference center that will help you keep your new subscribers engaged, active, and responsive to your messages. If not, the WhatCounts team is here to help with our custom preference center update series available under our services. A custom preference center is the perfect way to put your subscribers’ and customers’ wants first. It lets them know that you care about their opinion and want them to have a choice in what and how they hear from you.

step 1

Develop the templates for your preference center update series. WhatCounts offers many unique, branded templates to pick from. You can learn more about this offering here.

step 2

Write engaging copy and subject lines that entice your users to click. This update series is essential to your customers choice in frequency which should lead to increased metrics.

step 3

Segment and execute. You should have different messaging for every type of subscriber. Reel them in to sharing their preferences with you. This provides the ultimate personalized information that you can leverage from subscribers.

leverage our services

Always accommodate your subscribers. A custom preference site experience is vital in building a stronger, more personalized relationship with your subscribers. Personalized messaging shows the difference between smart email marketing and a lack thereof. WhatCounts team can put together an amazing, customized preference center for your subscribers that allows you to collect all of the necessary data to send unique, personalized emails. If you’re interested in adding a preference site to your email marketing program, talk to an email expert at WhatCounts today!

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