How to score big with email marketing strategies

Get schooled with these email marketing education articles.

Everyone wants to be the best at his or her craft. Including you, right?

And executing email marketing strategies is no easy task. ISPs change their capabilities, new rules descend on us (we’re looking at you, GDPR), and ESPs update features on a monthly basis.

It’s hard – if not impossible – to stay informed and trained on all the changes. That’s where we’ve got you covered. This list of the latest articles from industry experts will help you win big at your email marketing strategies.

email marketing tips and tricks

In the 9 Habits of Successful Email Marketers, the pros at Movable Ink whittle down the practices the best email marketers follow to stay at the top of their game. Inspired by the well-known book by Stephen Covey, this blog post takes into account the unique responsibilities of an email marketer. How many of these habits are a part of your regimen?

Next up is an always-timely article about email deliverability from Email Uplers. When only 80 percent of emails sent are delivered to their intended inboxes, email marketers should be having a “yikes” moment when it comes to making sure their messages are delivered. Follow the tips in this article to make sure the hard work you put into your email marketing strategy and execution is well worth the effort.

“As marketers, we’re so used to pushing noise that it’s hard to stop and listen.” This statement from a recent Copyhackers blog post emphasizes our fault as marketers. We’re so busy pushing out the content we want our subscribers to see, we’re too busy – or dare we say, lazy – to actually listen to what our audience wants. This guide on how to listen is a gem every marketer needs to read today.

email marketing strategies: examples

Why is Netflix winning at email marketing and what can you learn from it? This article from Forbes covers the popular online subscription service’s rise to email marketing dominance and how it’s making sure it stays top dog in this channel. Take notes – there’s a lot email marketers can learn from these tactics no matter the industry.

Email receipts. Retail, travel, finance… almost every industry makes use of email receipts. And there’s a way to do them right and a way to do them wrong, according to the experts at Really Good Emails. Browse the examples across industries to inspire and improve your own email marketing receipts… and drive increased engagement and revenue for your brand.

email marketing strategies: design

The Herman Miller brand is iconic not only when it comes to furniture design, but marketing design, as well. The company has evolved with the times, translating its well-known traditional magazine into stunning digital masterpieces, including email marketing. There’s lots to be learned from how the brand designs its email marketing, taking chapters from the past to inspire the future.

We all know GDPR should be a priority. But just how does this law impact designers, particularly when it comes to email marketing? Thankfully, the smart people at Fast Code Design created a fast look at this important topic. It’s your complete guide to GDPR from the perspective of designers, agencies, and privacy experts.

email marketing + GDPR

In a refreshing and comforting article about the GDPR law, eConsultancy assures email marketers everything’s going to be okay. This isn’t the end of the world as you know it as marketers. In fact, in a surprising revelation, the article reveals the ways GDPR is a good thing for you and the consumers to whom you market. It may take a little time to reveal itself, but benefits are sure to come.

Any self-respecting email marketer has by now looked at many different GDPR emails from many different brands. It’s how you learn what to do… and what not to do. But we’ve got two additional libraries compiling the best of GDPR emails and the worst of GDPR emails. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so study these to borrow – and avoid – ideas for your own GDPR campaigns.

conclusion: winners never quit

Implement just one of these email marketing strategies every month. Test them with your program. Measure the results. Rinse and repeat. Don’t stop until you meet your goals.

It may be the slow and steady approach, but over time, your email marketing program will prove the results you want it to. All because you took the time to learn from others and put a little elbow grease into trying something new.

And if you need help with email marketing design, strategy, GDPR implementation or deliverability, reach out to our team. Together with our email marketing platform, we’ll help you leverage email to achieve your customer marketing goals. Learn what we can do for you.

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