Father’s Day email marketing must-haves

Check out this Father's Day email marketing strategies.

Summertime is a particularly good time for email marketers to make money. We’ve covered email marketing strategies that sizzle for graduation and Memorial Day.

Now it’s time to take a look at another reason to celebrate this time of the year, which is celebrating our father figures. Take your Father’s Day email marketing to the next level with these strategies and examples.

why Father’s Day email marketing?

This year Father’s Day falls on June 17. Total spending on Father’s Day is expected to reach close to $15 billion, with consumers spending on average more that $125 according to the National Retail Federation.

What will they be buying? The majority of purchases will be spent on “special outings” such as dinner, brunch, or other fun activities. Other popular gifts may include personal care items, automotive accessories, home improvement supplies and sporting goods items.

If you sell these types of products you’re lucky… this should be easy right?

With so much competition in the inbox, it may be difficult. You must find a way to stand out and grab attention. Here are a few tips that should help.

use a catchy subject line

Did you know 33 percent of email marketing subscribers open emails solely on the basis of the subject line and almost 70 percent will report email as spam based only on the subject line?

These facts alone are enough for us to decipher the importance of subject lines in email marketing. Research has further proven Mother’s Day email subject lines boasting at least one “emotion” have a 21.5 percent higher average open rate than those that don’t include emotion.

Could this also be true for Father’s Day? Here are a few standouts to use for inspiration:

  • Thank you, dad! (Patagonia)
  • Dad always saves the day…now it’s your turn (AT&T)
  • You Owe it to Dad (Jack Spade)

be sentimental

Almost 50 percent of people say it’s important to give a thoughtful or sentimental gift for Father’s Day. Use copy that pulls at the heartstrings in your email marketing, let the images tell the story, and don’t forget to showcase product recommendations.

Look at this example of Father's Day email marketing from Public.

don’t forget grandpa, hubby or son

More than half the people surveyed by the NRF plan to buy for their father or stepfather, while others will shop for their husband or son. Try broadening the appeal of your email marketing campaigns beyond just the usual suspect: Dad. You’ve got a couple options here: Broaden the definition of dad and/or target those closely associated with dad.

Father's Day email marketing from Uncommon Goods.


The technology is now at your fingertips – and most marketers have the ability to liven up email marketing campaigns – by using animated elements, interactivity, cinema-graphs, and video. Take the time to plan in advance and prepare special Father’s Day gifs that will drive higher engagement and more conversions.

target procrastinators

Research has shown Father’s Day isn’t planned months in advance. Last year, almost 50 percent of all Father’s Day email revenue was received in the same week as Father’s Day. In fact, Father’s Day itself had the highest revenue, accounting for 11 percent of total Father’s Day email marketing revenue, according to Experian.

We also know last-minute shoppers tend to spend more than the average early birds. So let’s make sure you’re marketing to those procrastinators with some last minute gift ideas and shipping deals. E-gift cards are a great last-minute promotion.

Here's a Father's Day email marketing examples from Lowe's.

Trends show spending on Father’s Day is on the rise.

So if you want to get your brand noticed this Father’s Day, it’s high time you start designing an email marketing campaign and preparing catchy subject lines to grab the attention of your subscribers.

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