6 signs you need an email marketing upgrade


How do you know if you’re getting the most out of your email marketing program? Do you use responsive templates in 100% of your emails? It is essential to have a sophisticated email program. Here are six signs you need an email marketing upgrade.

sign #1: you’re not segmenting your list or targeting your email sends

Subscribers today are savvy. They want to see messages about the services and products that fit their genders, ages and lifestyles. By treating the email experience as a dialogue with subscribers and using the right data to set up segments of your list, you can send personalized, dynamic content that will blow your subscribers away.

sign #2: your templates are simple and they don’t support responsive design

More people are opening, clicking and and buying from emails on their mobile devices today than ever before, so if your DIY provider isn’t helping you keep up with this trend, you’re not making as much money as you could through your email marketing.

sign #3: your reporting is basic or non-existent, leaving you with little-to-no insights about subscribers

If you can’t measure your email marketing, then what’s the point of doing it? Metrics such as clicks and opens are important to measure for each email you send, as well as what devices and browsers they’re viewed on. Deep reporting capabilities such as these are vital to be able to send the right message to the right person at the right time. You just can’t get that with a basic, DIY platform.

sign #4: testing email subject lines and content is a chore

Testing is necessary in every email marketing program today, and the basics just won’t do it anymore. You need an advanced testing feature that allows you to optimize every part of your email and automatically send a winner. If your current email platform doesn’t allow you to A/B test subject lines and content, it’s time to move on.

sign #5: you’re required to pay for every user who wants to access your email marketing platform

It’s nice to have a username available on your email marketing program for each person, regardless of the size of your marketing team. That way, everyone can contribute to the goals of your program. Unfortunately, many DIY email platforms insist you only get one username for the platform. You then have to pay exorbitant amounts if you want additional usernames. This isn’t the case with a better, more sophisticated email platform.

sign #6: when you call or email for help, a robot answers

If you’re using a traditional, do-it-yourself email provider, your immediate needs will not be answered by anything but an automated voice or a suggestion to direct your question to a community forum. If you’re sending with a smart email marketing provider, your experience will be the polar opposite.

let us help!

Rely on a team of experts to help you 24/7. Getting an email marketing upgrade is easy. When you opt for a smart email marketing platform, you get exceptional service as a part of the package. If you’d like even more information on why and how to upgrade your email marketing program, make sure to subscribe and read our ebook! Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any further questions. 

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