why email marketers should be leveraging renewal automations


Why wait for your subscribers? Instead, send them a revenue-boosting reminder. Our renewal/replenishment series will make your customers feel like you’ve got them covered. Subscribers always like to feel appreciated and remembered.

customer purchasing behavior

Through customer purchasing behavior, our email experts will set up unique automations so that your subscribers will always be reminded it’s time to make another purchase. Helpful and timely reminders will always make your customers feel supported and covered. Do for them so they don’t have to do for themselves. They’ll thank you for it.

Consistency will help you to create loyalty with your customers, and our automated series are all about being consistent with your messages. Our predictive tools will help you tailor your renewal/replenishment series to each individual subscriber to ensure you’re sending them the right message at the right time.

personalization and timeliness

The renewal/replenishment automated series values personalization, furthering the loyal relationship you are working to create with each individual customer. Personalization as well as timeliness are key when it comes to building a loyal list of subscribers. Continue to strengthen and build your list with our automation series.

reach out to us

If you’re looking for consistent, personalized and brand-specific emails to remind your customers to renew or reorder from you, talk to an email expert at WhatCounts. Our team is ready and waiting to assist you with your automated email marketing needs.

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