9 stats about email every marketer should know

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Time after time, data has shown us that not only is email not dead, but it’s growing immensely. Email marketing in particular continues to drive increases in revenue for businesses across nearly every industry- retail, travel, publishing, finance, B2B and B2C.

3 email marketing stats that will amaze you

  • Email marketing delivers $38 ROI for every $1 marketers spend. So keep this in mind when you’re drafting your marketing budget.
  • 225 billion email messages are sent each day. Now is the time to stand out from the competition.
  • 91% of people actually enjoy receiving promotional emails, with 61% saying they’d like to receive them weekly, and 15% of savvy consumers want them daily.

3 stats that you should influence your email marketing campaign

  • Using segmentation strategies can increase email revenue by up to 760%. Visit our website to learn how to properly segment.
  • Personalized email drives 18x more revenue than non-personalized messaging. Get to know your subscribers a little better.
  • 55% of emails are opened on mobile devices, and that number is predicted to keep rising.

3 email marketing stats that will terrify you

  • 21% of email recipients confess that they file email as spam, even when they know it isn’t. Make your campaign valuable to your subscribers so you don’t hit the spam box.
  • 6% of email recipients read email on smart TVs. Maybe not terrifying, but it’s strange.
  • 18% of recipients check their email while driving. Unsolicited public service announcement: put your phone away in the car.

find out more statistics

We’ve given you a sneak peak of our 25 email statistics every marketer should know. If you want to read the rest, our free whitepaper is available for download. Make sure to check it out!

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