A New Look For WhatCounts

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve changed things up a bit here at WhatCounts. We’ve introduced a new logo and design for the company, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on our rebranding. We’re currently in the first phase, with more changes on the way.

We’ll start out with why we wanted to rebrand in the first place. We wanted to visually represent that our tools and platform, and email marketing as a whole, is for everyone. We also wanted to show that we work with any platform to get data in or out of. We’re not looking to replace your CRM but rather supplement it and neatly tie everything together. That’s what makes us different.

Our brand has taken many turns throughout history. We’ve been down multiple paths and have therefore found ourselves lacking a strong, singular, clear voice and design practice. With a desire to steer ourselves in one direction, our goal became to succinctly define who WhatCounts is as a brand, align all aspects of our company (agency, client success, platform) to that definition, and proceed forward from there.

Here’s a look at the evolution of our brand and why we took the direction we did. Let’s take it back to the beginning, where it all started. In fact, our original logo conveyed a pretty clear message about who we are with its icon and tagline, but as you can see, it was rather old-fashioned and heavy handed.

Screenshot 2017-07-24 12.43.26

We then progressed to changing the icon and typography. However, our new icon didn’t necessarily correlate with email and the upper case lettering wasn’t very friendly.

Screenshot 2017-07-24 12.45.49

Feeling as though this logo was not only a misrepresentation of email but of our industry as well, we changed the icon’s color to a lighter, friendlier blue—a color more closely associated with the tech industry. We simplified the icon (took out the shadows and highlights) so that it would read more clearly.


Still, however, our icon did not convey what we do. Our typography needed more differentiation so it read as two distinct words. We did this with color and weight. As an interim step, we decide to lose the icon and introduce a descriptive tagline to clarify our mission.

Screenshot 2017-09-01 at 9.35.29 AM

This brings us to the present. We took another turn with our brand, and today we’ve created a new mark with and without a tagline. Keeping the palette the same, we moved to lowercase, rounded forms that convey friendliness. We redesigned the icon to be clear about who we are and what we do. With the acquisition of WhatCounts by OSG Billing Services, we decided to update our tagline to reflect both companies’ shared passion for providing clients with innovating ways to communicate with their customers.


With these changes, our new look is clear, receptive, and data driven. We hope you love it just as much as we do!

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