Learn how WhatCounts and 250ok can improve your email delivery

Today’s guest post comes courtesy of Brady Edwards from our friends at 250ok. Brady is an email veteran that has worked for several email service providers and is currently the Director of Customer Solutions at 250ok.  Brady’s past roles have included MTA administrator, Deliverability Specialist, and Senior Compliance Analyst.

As you already know, WhatCounts provides a fantastic platform to design, batch, and send emails to your customers.  For senders wanting to maximize their email performance, WhatCounts has partnered with 250ok to provide you with advanced analytics for inbox placement, reputation measures, consumer engagement, and design.  The insights you glean from combining data from WhatCounts and 250ok gets your program to a best-in-class status.  So, how do WhatCounts’ services and 250ok’s platform help you maximize email performance?

The first step we recommend is testing how a message is going to render in various mailbox clients and devices through the 250ok Design module.  Design provides the insight of possible errors that can then be changed before deploying a campaign.  You should always test your designs because HTML is not rendered uniformly across all mail clients on all devices.  Knowing that all links and images within a message are working properly and the content is going to pass spam folder diagnosis will set your campaign up for success.  For those already using Litmus or Email on Acid, 250ok offers out-of-the-box integrations for both.

Like most other email service providers, WhatCounts receives the confirmation from the ISPs or receiving server that the message was successfully delivered; however, they cannot tell where the mailbox provider has delivered the email.  Using 250ok Inbox provides an additional layer of visibility into knowing if the messages were placed into the Inbox and which tab, Spam folder or if it went missing altogether.  A key differentiator for 250ok versus other vendors is our Seedlist Optimizer (patent pending) which provides a customized and optimized seedlist to best reflect the composition of your mailstream.

For every marketer, constantly monitoring reputation of sending IPs and domains is a critical task.  Monitoring, such as global blacklists, Microsoft SNDS, and 250ok’s proprietary spam trap network can be setup through 250ok Reputation

Finally, with 250ok Analytics, you have access to breakthrough filtering and segmentation of your email data.  By adding our customer pixel to your mail, you can create any number of customer parameters to track.  The Audience Explorer within Analytics allows you to track the recipient’s journey in granular detail.  This recipient-level engagement data combined with your optimized seedlist testing shows the true picture of your email performance.

And last but not least, it’s 250ok Alerts that allows you and your team to live outside the app.  Alerts lets you create any number of customized alerts for as many team members as required.  Send alerts via Slack, SMS, email, HipChat, PagerDuty, or webhooks.  By cutting out the noise of endless alerts, you and your team can focus on what matters most.

So, let’s face it, deliverability is complicated, and there are a ton of moving parts, but with WhatCounts’ services and 250ok’s platform you can maximize your email performance with ease.

Be sure to check out our co-presentation on deliverability with 250ok this Wednesday. Go here to register.

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