How Effective Was Email Marketing On Black Friday 2016?

Our friends over at Litmus have crunched the numbers and released their notes on key email marketing trends for Black Friday 2016. You can read the whole thing here (which we suggest you do).

We do want to highlight a couple of their findings though:

  1. There was a huge upward trend in email animations. Sending animated emails is a great way to tell a quick story, make your email unique, and present your message in an entertaining way.
  2. There was also an upward trend in ANTI-Black Friday messaging, which came in two varieties. The first was straight up advocating against shopping on that day, and the other was going against the grain by offering a message of thankfulness, rather than anything shopping related.
Shop on Black Friday?
Shop on Black Friday?

But there’s plenty more to glean than that, which you should, because knowing is half the battle. So head on over to Litmus to get the full results of their research.

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