Your One-Stop Black Friday/Cyber Monday Post For Email Marketing

As of this posting we have a little less than a month until Black Friday, and almost a month until Cyber Monday. Which means that you should be all geared up to drop your respective promotional marketing for those days. But, if you’re one of those procrastinating types, consider this an ever-evolving resource to help get your marketing on track.

Fast Facts About Black Friday 2015:

  • Almost $70 billion in total sales
    • Online sales accounted for $2.7 billion
    • $583 million in sales were made using mobile devices
  • Average order value: $403.35

Fast Facts About Cyber Monday 2015:

  • Over $3 billion in total sales
    • Over $2.2 billion on a desktop
    • Over $800 million on mobile
  • Average order value: $123.43
  • Highest conversion rates were from 9pm – 10pm EST

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