The Numbers Behind Presidential Email Campaigns

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a little crazy about the email campaigns going on from presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And while we get our next post in the series put together, we thought we would take a step back and tag in someone else to help dig into campaign emails.

The folks that developed the ALTO app sent out a survey and compiled data about presidential email marketing, and the numbers are pretty fun. Here are some of the highlights:

The number one reason candidates send out emails is, predictably, to get more cash money.

Subscribers were more likely to open emails where the subject line had a clear call-to-action. Bernie Sanders polled highest with “I Need To Ask You Directly.”

Back to that whole “cash money” thing: Democrats were more likely to part with their hard-earned bucks after opening a message than Republicans.

Subscribers, in general, weren’t offended by the emails they received. However, the most offensive material came from Donald Trump’s camp. Shocker.

We highly recommend you check out the rest of the results by clicking on through the banner.


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