Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump: A Tale Of The Emails (Pt. 2)

Well, it’s been a week since we signed up for the Clinton and Trump camps’ email campaigns. We were just hoping to get a newsletter, but found ourselves let down by the experience from both camps.

So let’s check out where we’re at today.

The Clinton Email Campaign

In the seven days since we signed up for these emails, we’ve received four emails related to Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid:

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Those first two are subject lines asking for donations. The third one is, obviously, trying to sell us some tee shirts. We kind of don’t want to waste your time with the first two because it was just a couple of boring emails asking for money. One email should’ve been enough, but they sent two. We get it, you need the money to beat your opponent. They probably should’ve opted to go with one email asking for donations and then the tee shirt email:


So here we are again. Super basic, boring design. The copy could use a lot of work. The CTAs, thankfully, are on point. The double signature, not thankfully, is not. We actually are having to split this email up into two pictures because once more we’re greeted by a ton of white space before we can get to the footer:


And the footer, despite the mountain of text, isn’t bad. It gives people a chance to sign up if they weren’t initially, you’ve got unsubscribe options and the privacy policy, and you’ve got your social links. There’s even a little easter egg there that leads to this tragic Instagram post:


So, that email experience wasn’t really great, but it was better than the other emails.

The fourth email was as advertised in the subject line: One where they wanted to get more information about us. It should’ve been the second, and here’s why:


This is what the CTA links to. Looks a little like a preference center, right? We’d like to say that it’ll lead to some unique messaging — at least get our name in there instead of “Friend” — but we aren’t going to hold our collective breath.

The Trump Email Campaign

Meanwhile, here’s what we’ve received from Donald Trump’s camp:

Which, in light of all the Clinton emails, is kind of a breath of fresh air. Still though, it’s been a week and we haven’t even received an update about Donald Trump’s campaign.

This Week’s Winner

From a tad too many emails that don’t provide any real information, to literally none, both camps had another unimpressive round.

However, we feel obligated to give this week to the Clinton campaign: At least they sent something, and for now it looks like it’s heading in the right direction.

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