Get Those 4th Of July Email Campaigns Ready To Go

Here we are, halfway through June. That means you’ve got less than a month to get those Independence Campaigns geared up and ready to roll out. Woo! U-S-A! U-S-A!

This GIF never gets old.

If you’re in the restaurant and food business, this holiday is a cash cow: Americans are expected spend over $6 billion on food alone this year. That’s a lot of hot dogs.

And hey, it’s a big travel holiday as well. People spend over $1 billion traveling for Independence Day.

Us at the prospect of having to travel.

Then, of course, there are the fireworks: Almost $700 million will be spent on those dangerously pretty explosives.

And then you have all your other displays of patriotism — mainly anything involving the American flag. All this to say: There’s a lot of money in the pot, and it’s never too early to get your hands in there. And if you need some inspiration, here are some brands that did it right:

3. UrbanDaddy


A couple years back, UrbanDaddy put together a map of where you could go see fireworks around New York and sent it to their subscribers. Very outside-the-box thinking and definitely a great and helpful way to engage their customer base.

2. Spartan Race


The Spartan Race series celebrated the holiday by offering discounts for all their different races. Patriotic design and copy, aided by a to-the-point subject line (Celebrate America! Save up to $40) really made this message shine.

1. Chubbies


Purveyors of short-shorts Chubbies won 4th of July last year when they celebrated the holiday early with their 4th of Julyber campaign. For 12 hours, every hour on the hour, they’d email their customers, letting them know of a new free gift they could get with their normal purchase. And don’t worry, they didn’t forget their Independence Day message either, making their subject line and sender as patriotic as possible:


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